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About Us
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About Us

The Vegas Voice – Nevada senior care organization is the largest and most read senior publication saw the need to provide Nevada’s senior community with “MORE.”

More information, more resources, more of everything seniors should know.

We recognize that seniors no longer want to rely on bureaucratic government agencies to provide what they deem we “need to know.” Our dedicated, committed and caring Vegas Voice Elder Hub volunteers will provide what you – our neighbors, our friends, our senior community want to know.

Based on the need, we formed the Vegas Voice Elder Hub, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. Our Elder Hub currently consists of three distinct and valuable programs:

  1. 4 R’s – Resources/Reviews/Referrals/References
  2. Stop Guardian & Elderly Abuse
  3. 3 L’s – Live/Laugh/Learn

The Vegas Voice Elder Hub is committed to improving the quality of life for every senior in our community.

Our Mission & Purpose is to:

  1.  Be the HUB and anchor of senior information and resources.
  2.  To Stop Guardian & Elder Abuse by providing information, resources and awareness of any senior abuse – including financial exploitation.
  3.  Help every senior enjoy life to the fullest and to:

Live, Laugh & Learn together.

Formerly the Nevada Association to Stop Guardian and Elder Abuse we found we had a bigger purpose and wanted to serve on a wider scale. We wanted to be the Hub of information, provide access to resources, advocate for seniors, and impact the quality of life for every senior in the community. Therefore we became the Vegas Voice Elder Hub, a 501c3 nonprofit with three distinct and valuable programs.
1 - 4 R's - Resources/Reviews/Referrals/References
2 - Stop Guardian Abuse
3 - Live - Laugh - Learn
All dedicated to improving the quality of life for every senior in our community.

Our Mission & Purpose is to:

To be the HUB and anchor of information and resources.

To STOP Guardian Abuse by providing education, outreach and awareness of guardianship and elder abuse and the laws impacting its effectiveness and implementation.

To help every senior LIVE LIFE to the fullest as we all Live, Laugh & Learn together.